PX-80 Training Guide

Before starting customer projects, please complete these training steps.

If you want to get the best data for your projects and clients, make sure you are prepared.

Step 1: Read Resources, Try it out

If you want to get the best data for your projects and clients, first you need to learn how to use the PX-80 to get the best data.

SCHEDULE YOUR PX-80 TRAINING as soon as possible so we can review important topics and give you tips for your upcoming projects. You must minimally read the PX-80 Field Guide before your training video call.

Step 2: Training Call, Expert Feedback

Your data and projects matter to us. We want to make sure you are prepared BEFORE going into the field, especially when it might be difficult to return to the site. 

After reviewing your practice scans, if the data is not what you need, get in touch with us at [email protected].

Step 3: Assess Data, Deep Dive, G2G

If you send us a .dashboard file, Paracosm support will assess any issues then jump on a call with you to give you constructive feedback.

Assess your Data

  • Not quite there yet?
    • 15 min Deep Dive Call
    • Take some time to practice a little bit more using deep dive call feedback
    • Send us a .dashboard capture file to review
  • My results are good to go!
    • Receive PX-80 Training Certificate
    • Start working on client projects 

Once these steps are done your training is complete!

Start capturing client projects with the confidence you deserve.

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