Pairing PX-80 wifi hotspot with Capture app

Turn on PX-80 Handheld Lidar Scanner

  1. First, turn on POWER switch (indicator light will illuminate when on)
  2. Then, press START button once (button will illuminate blue when on)

For pre-2019 PX-80s your POWER switch and START are located here:

PX-80 Power Buttons

Turn on iPad mini 4 or 5

Looking for information about your iPad mini? Check out Apple iPad Support

Connect to PX-80 Wifi Hotspot

  1. On your iPad, open Settings 
  2. Select Wi-Fi tab
  3. Connect to "PX-80 HOTSPOT <PX-80 ID Number>"

Note: Once powered on, it can take up to 60 seconds for the PX-80 to broadcast its hotspot. 

Open Capture in your Safari Browser

Open Capture by clicking the icon, or by navigating to IP address in the Safari Browser.

Note: Once your iPad is connected to the hotspot, please allow 60 seconds for Capture to load.

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