How do I prepare the PX-80 to capture?

It is just a few simple steps to prepare to capture with PX-80 Lidar Scanner.

  1. Position PX-80 in case so the bottom of the device is accessible and attach extension pole.
  2. Remove the lens cap from the top camera and turn the PX-80 on.
  3. Make sure the iPad mini is on and paired with your PX-80 hotspot
  4. Hold up the device and place in the harness, if using one.
  5. Open the Capture app, select a project, and tap NEW CAPTURE to begin capturing.
  6. Hold PX-80 upright wait a few seconds and then walk forward at a steady pace to scan.
  7. Plan where you will start and stop each scan. Start in areas with a wide field of view.
  8. Breaking up scans into smaller sizes will result in faster processing times. We recommend 10-15 mins capture time. Captures can be up to 35 minutes in length. Just make sure to have some overlap between captures!
  9. Tap SAVE or CANCEL to stop capturing.
  10. Replace the lens cap, power off the device and return PX-80 to its case when you’re finished.

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