How to Update the PX-80 and Capture app

Updating is simple

We will let you know when we have released an update via email. Please make sure operators have filled out this form to get added to our PX-80 Updates email list. 

  1.  Use an Ethernet cable to directly connect to a router or other direct network connection with access to the internet.
  2. Turn the PX-80 on and allow 10 minutes.*
  3. Once 10 minutes have passed, refresh the Capture app to verify that the version updated. You can view the current version by navigating to the Settings tab and selecting Device Info

  4. Unplug the Ethernet cable and you are ready to go!

Update issues?

We have found that some networks just don’t want to connect the PX-80 because of certain network setups. Please review our Network Requirements with your appropriate network team members to connect your PX-80 to the firmware update system. One quick solution for updating is to try another office or home network. 

*Sometimes, with slow connections it can take longer for the device to update. If you are having issues, keep the device plugged in and email [email protected] to confirm your connection. 

Also, from time to time, we find that some folks don't have the ethernet cord quite connected well enough. 

Please verify that the ethernet connection is solid between:
- PX-80 faceplate and ethernet cord
- Ethernet cord and router/network ethernet jack

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