What is Retrace and how do I install it?


Retrace is a powerful companion tool for our handheld lidar scanner that enables PX-80 users to get the most out of their 3D data. Point clouds can be a pain to work with, so we’ve simplified the process by creating a program that loads quickly so you can explore your scans in multiple different views. 
PX-80’s 360° color camera captures high resolution spherical imagery, so you can retrace the steps of scan path, similar to Google Maps’ “street-view” style.

Installing Retrace

To install Retrace you will need to download and install the Paracosm Launcher. From the Paracosm Launcher, you can install Retrace and keep the software up to date.

Want to give it a try before you have a PX-80?

Download Retrace Sample Data

Updating Retrace

Open Paracosm Launcher and click Update to install the newest version of the applications available. When the Latest Version number and the Current Version number match, you are all ready to go!

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