Creating a Capture

Start Scanning

Getting a capture is very easy with the PX-80 Capture app. Once your device is connected to its unique PX-80 Wi-fi Hotspot, you can launch the Capture app and begin a new capture. 
First, tap NEW PROJECT to create a new project to hold your captures.

Next, tap NEW CAPTURE to take a scan. Wait a few seconds for a screen to pop up.


POWER SAVING: No interface while scanning. Once you feel confident and need extra battery life, power saving mode helps preserve battery life while you scan.

PREVIEW: See the points as you scan. This is the best option for new operators and those taking short scans

  • Preview mode shows the top down view.
  • The preview will be less accurate than the final reconstruction.
  • If you see minor ‘drift’ then your scan is fine and the full SLAM algorithm will fix it.
  • If you see a major drift (something that looks like a tornado) then it’s possible you rotated too fast and lost tracking. To be on the safe side you should stop the scan, and try again.

Warming up

A warm up screen may load for ~25 seconds. The warmup process ensures the LiDAR is ready to scan and that you are collecting the best data. When the PX-80 is ready, the Capture scan screen will show points being added if in Preview Mode or the text "Power Saving Mode" if in Power Saving Mode.

You’re scanning!

When done, you have the option to save or cancel the capture.

Saving your data

Tapping Save will immediately save your scan. At this time, you can name your scan or keep the default name.

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