How to Create a Project: Organizing Captures

Projects are folders that contain your Captures. All of your Captures will be grouped by Project, making it easier to stay organized when you are collecting and exporting your scan data. When you create your first Capture, your first Project will be named NewCaptureProject by defaultYou can rename this Project at any point, or you can create another new Project before you begin scanning. 

Create a New Project

Tap NEW PROJECT in the top right of the main menu bar.

Name your new Project and select CREATE PROJECT to save.

Rename a Project

To view your Projects, tap the folder icon on the left menu bar. 

Open the Project you wish to rename and tap  EDIT, located in the menu bar above your Captures. Select UPDATE PROJECT NAME to save. 

Following a Naming Convention

Well-named Projects not only keep you organized, but can save you time. All Captures will automatically include the Project name and the scan number. You can keep the default, add more detail, or rename the Capture entirely. 

When the scans are exported, they will also include a time stamp in the file name. 

Move Captures to Another Project

Select the capture you wish to move and tap MOVE from the top menu bar. Move a batch of Captures by selecting multiple Captures or using the SELECT ALL option. 

NOTE: moving a Capture to a new Project will not change the Capture's name. 

Delete a Project

Select the Project(s) you wish to delete, and tap DELETE from the menu bar. 

NOTE: This will delete all Captures within the Project. Use this feature carefully and be sure to back up your scan data as needed. 

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