Can I Mount the PX-80 to Alternative Platforms?

The PX-80 is primarily designed as a handheld scanner. Every kit includes the pole for handheld use, however, you may choose to mount the PX-80 on another platform based on your use case and scan environment.

Currently, we offer an external frame Backpack Kit that is ready to use, and does not require custom assembly. This platform excels in forestry applications and any use case where the operator needs hands free scanning.

If you wish to mount the PX-80 to your own custom platform, you need a dovetail mount. 

More information about the dovetail mount can be found directly on this website.

Things to Consider:

  • Speed: We recommend to keep the scanning speed below 10 mph or 16 kph for straight lines. For making turns, the speed must be much slower.
    Please keep in mind the terrain an environment you are capturing, there are many variables that can reduce possible speeds and scan results.
  • Mounting Angle: For outdoor scans, the recommended mounting angle is roughly 30-35 degrees.
  • Field of View: Be mindful to keep the vehicle out of the FoV (field of view). If the PX-80 is tracking on the structure it is mounted to, you may have a trail in your scan and excess noise.
  • Rotation/turns: wide turns are better than pivoting without forward motion. 
  • Vibrations: PX-80 is intended for hand-held capture, try to reduce shocks and vibrations as much as possible.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have specific questions about your use case or project.

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