Advanced: Multiple Stair Levels

Loop Closure is the best method to scan multiple stair levels. Here are some tips.

  • Be careful. Make sure the PX-80 is steady, and hold it at an angle to the stairwell that enables you to keep the largest field of view possible.
  • When you are navigating the staircase landing, it is very important to turn very slowly.
  • Before taking a turn, change the orientation of the PX-80 pole from a forward angle to vertical. Do this very slowly. Then, take a very slow turn/U-turn without changing the orientation of PX-80 pole.
  • After the turn, you can change the orientation of pole from vertical to a particular angle as you need.

For the proper loop-closure technique while scanning stairs follow these steps.

  • Before scanning, wait for 10 seconds for the real time preview to load, and begin once you are able to see multiple points.
  • Start and finish your capture at the same orientation, and at the same point. For example, if you face north while starting the scan then you should be facing north as well when you are completing the scan.
  • Before climbing a staircase, take a little time to slowly turn around your starting point for about 20-25 seconds (within a range of 4-5 meters). Do the same while completing the scan, at approximately the same point where you started. This will help you get as many chances of loop closure as possible.
  • Plan your route (number of floors) in such a way that you are able to go forward and return at the starting point in ten minutes.

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