How to Create a Mesh for Game Engines

Our customers use the Paracosm PX-80, because they need to quickly capture environments in order to bring into digital tools. If you’re interested in accurate measurements, point clouds are the most detailed data format, but you are interest in visualizing the data in a lightweight responsive way, many people want to bring it into a game engine like Unity3D or Unreal Engine. Game engines typically prefer mesh surface models, so you’ll need to convert our point cloud to a mesh. There are a variety of options to produce a mesh model from a point cloud.

PX-80 Outputs:

  • Color point cloud: LAS or PLY
  • Retrace Spherical Images: 250 degree color images available in our Retrace viewer.

There are a variety of Open Source and paid tools that can be used to produce high quality meshes, the basic workflow for all of them are listed below.


  1. Scan environment
    1. PX-80 outputs: LAS or PLY color point cloud
  2. Load point cloud into point cloud tool
    1. Crop away any outliers or elements you don’t want meshed
    2. Reduce number of points using a subsample or decimate tool
  3. Load subsampled point cloud into meshing tool
    1. Choose appropriate settings for your desired resolution
    2. Trim any aberrant planes
    3. Export - We prefer OBJ or DAE formats for the mesh
  4. Load into Unity

Open Source & Paid tools for point cloud processing and mesh generation:

Misc tips & tricks:

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