Downloading Capture app debug logs

Sometimes it is necessary to send our support team your debug logs so we can investigate issues further. 

Connecting to PX-80 from a computer

In order to do that, we recommend connecting your laptop to the PX-80 hotspot. This will allow you to download the logs directly to your laptop.

Once you are connected to the PX-80 Hotspot from your laptop, open a browser, type into the address bar, and press Enter to open the Capture web application.

Note: It is possible to download to the iPad mini, but we find it difficult navigating and moving the files on iOS unless you have another Airdrop enabled device. 

Navigating to Logs

After Capture has loaded, navigate to the Settings tab (gear symbol on the left menu bar).
settings_tab.pngClick Download Logs, you will be prompted with a pop-up window. 

download_logs.pngA file named will appear in your downloads folder. Disconnect from the PX-80 Hotspot and reconnect to your wifi network. Please email this file to [email protected] to have us investigate the issue further. 

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