Connecting iPad to PX-80 via adapter

Sometimes, in dense WiFi areas it is easier to directly connect the Capture app on the iPad mini to the PX-80 using a lighting to Ethernet cord adapter. 

What you will need:

  • Lightning to Ethernet adapter cable
  • Short Ethernet cable
  • iPad mini
  • PX-80 Mobile Lidar Scanner
You can access PX-80 Capture over Ethernet  using the iPad by performing the following settings:
  1. Disable WiFi
  2. Plug in the Lightning to Ethernet adapter into the iPad, then plug in an Ethernet cord between that adapter and the PX-80
  3. Go to Ethernet settings on the iPad
  4. Use the following settings: 
    • Configure IP: Manual
    • IP Address:
    • Subnet Mask:
  5. Then PX-80 Capture will be available to the iPad at
  6. It may take ~1 minute after the Ethernet is plugged into the PX-80 for it to begin broadcasting PX-80 Capture over Ethernet. 

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