Retrace Release Notes

Version 1.3.0 - 2019/12/04


  • UI:
    • General update to menu organization
    • Trajectory visibility improvements and toggles
      • New: start and end frame UI
      • New: trajectory path UI
    • Added zoom feature
      • The zoom feature can be found under the "more settings" drop down. Sliding the control will zoom the camera in/out. Makes for easier point-picking.
  • Minimap:
    • Widgets and UI updated to include trajectory visibility changes
    • Added a screenshot feature:
      • Exports the current minimap image
  • Tape Measure:
    • Improved Imperial units (no longer decimal, now measures to the nearest 1/8")
  • Annotation Rework
    • The previous Annotation* tool is now "Points of Interest." This feature is only visible if an annotation was taken during the time of capture (via Capture app)
    • Added a new note-taking tool: "Annotation Tools"
      • Select a point in scene to create a new note (middle-mouse button)
      • Name, edit, jump to, and remove notes
      • Export notes to a .csv file (currently only label and written contents are saved)
      • Notes persist like tapes

*Annotations taken out in the field were not editable and difficult to place in detail. They served more as points of interest to come back to and reference. We added a separate window for detailed note-taking that should allow for better documentation going forward.

Version 1.2 - 2019/10/17


  • Paracosm Launcher: 
    • A simple lightweight installer - quick and easy updating
  • Trajectory:
    • Option to view as points or lines
    • Start and end points visualized
    • Exported with tape measurements
  • Minor UI updates

Version 1.1.1 - 2019/07/03


  • UI:
    • General style update
  • Minimap:
    • UI rework
    • Now in depth render
    • New:
      • Ceiling clip
      • Visibility toggles
  • Tape Measure:
    • UI rework
    • General control improvements
    • New:
      • .SET file saves tape attributes
      • Added tape list selectables
      • Hide/Show tapes
      • Jump-to pose tape was created on
      • Toggle Metric/Imperial unit mode
      • Export selected tapes to .obj
    • Fixed:
      • Really long tapes are now possible
      • Tape looping is easier
      • Export to .obj is now lines vs faces
      • Measurements now show near cursor
  • Annotation:
    • UI update

Version 1.0.1 - 4/29/2019


  • Engine:
    • Overhauled core functionality
    • New UI
    • Lightweight package
    • Windows 64bit and OSX supported
  • File Management:
    • File import simplified, no longer need to base folder settings, etc.
    • .SET file added to save Retrace user settings per scan
  • Viewing:
    • Improved in-scene view elements with updated icons, cursors, and tool-dependent elements
    • Minimap improvements
    • Collapsable UI for full-scene viewing
  • Tool additions:
    • Tape Measure
      • Check distances of objects within a scan via user-created tapes
      • Export created tapes as .objs
    • Annotations Tools
      • View annotations made during scanning
      • Jump to and view annotations


  • Window resizing crashes fixed
  • Window resizing no longer removes minimap until application restart
  • Orthographic fix of scene UI elements overlaid on Minimap
  • Consistent scene navigation
    • no accidental frame skipping
    • scan frame mixups no longer occur

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