What kind of lighting should I use?

The PX-80 needs light to track well while capturing. If you are scanning an area with very low or no light, you may need to bring along some portable lighting to your site. We recommend adding static high power diffused flood light. 

One great option we have found is the ZebraLight H600Fc Mk IV 18650 XHP50.2 Floody 4000K High CRI Headlamp. It is light weight and uses rechargeable batteries. It is an excellent light to add to a scene: both portable and easy to set in a variety of spaces. When indoors, the light bounces well off walls and each one you add can give you a lot of coverage. 

DO NOT use moving lights while capturing as it will lead to additional noise in your data. 

We are continuing to research lighting options. Please contact [email protected] if you have lights you would like to suggest.