How to install Paracosm Launcher for Windows


First, download the Paracosm Launcher for Windows


Next, navigate to the location where you saved your file (typically your downloads folder) and click the  LauncherInstaller file to start the installation.

Follow the installation instructions.

Once you have installed the Paracosm Launcher, open it up to begin installing Paracosm apps. 

When you first open the Paracosm Launcher, start by updating to the newest versions of the applications available. To do this, click the Update button beside the Current Version number.

When the Latest Version number and the Current Version number match, you are all ready to go! 

For application specific resource links, click on the  Resources tab of the Launcher

Click Launch to begin your app. 

How to uninstall the Paracosm Launcher

Navigate to the Paracosm Launcher folder.

Click Uninstall and follow the instructions to remove the Paracosm Launcher from your device.


If you run into this error message, it probably means you have a previous version of Retrace installed on your device. 

Please take a minute and delete all older Retrace applications and folders from your computer. 

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