How do I know if I have successfully captured what I need?

The PX-80 Capture app provides a real-time preview of your data. This preview shows the points capture in real-time to provide user feedback for the environment being captured. 

When starting a capture, a user is given two options: Preview Mode and Power Saving Mode

For anyone new to the PX-80 or who needs verification on site about the data capture, we highly recommend Preview Mode.

Interpreting Preview Mode

  • Preview mode shows the top-down view.
  • The preview will be less accurate than the final reconstruction. 
  • If you see minor “drift,” your scan is likely fine and the SLAM algorithm will fix this in the final reconstruction.
  • If you see a major drift (something that looks like a tornado) then it’s possible you rotated too fast and lost tracking. To be on the safe side you should stop the scan and try again.
  • The color line is your trajectory. The colors change over time as your move through a space to make it easier to understand where you started and finished. It has no meaning in regards to the quality of your data. 

Here are examples of minor drift and major drift:

Power Saving Mode

If you need to be more frugal with your power consumption, Power Saving Mode is an option, however you will not see points collected as you capture. If you are running into issues where you don't have enough power for your day, contact us at [email protected] and we can help with external battery options for your device.

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